imageI don't know what's more impressive: that it took two of David Brooks' newer, awesomer conservatives to write this Weekly Standard piece about McCain selling his agenda of tax cuts and nothing but as putting money in the pockets of average Americans, or the fact that they managed to stumble upon this heretofore entirely unknown selling point about tax cuts.

The chief problem with this plan, besides the fact that it's the exact same thing we've been hearing since 2000 about the wondrous panacea that is a tax cut, is that when the cost of living keeps rising and wages keep stagnating, there's only so many taxes you can cut without addressing the rising cost of basic commodities. No matter how much of your salary you keep, eventually things are going to cost too much for what you currently earn - a process that can only be exacerbated by a government that lacks the funds to do...well, anything really. Everyone pays a finite amount of taxes, and the proportion of salary the average American can get back without bankrupting the country is not particularly equal to the capacity for increase in various commodity prices.

Eventually, the tax tap has to get shut off, if only because the government needs to maintain the funds to send out the three tiers of mailing to tell you you're getting the tax cuts that cost more because of the mailings you didn't need because you have the ability to turn on the fucking TV and watch the twenty stories a day telling you that said mailings are coming. Part of me is a bit excited about the potential McCain insolvency - when the smoke from the nationwide trash fires turns a certain color, more tax relief is on the way!