imageWhen I was applying to law schools, I got a couple of letters from the University of Tennessee talking about all they had to offer. Sadly, Professor Glenn Reynolds was not on the list of items that would me me a leader of tomorrow, but I was always sort of tempted to write and talk about my undying love for his punchy, quick-to-the-draw wrongness. Alas, given that the bar can look back at your old applications, I decided a joke app, no matter how free or how fun, wasn't the best way to make a point that would probably be lost before the Ole Perfesser had a chance to look at it.

Hey, that's why I blog instead. Insty today:


Does this (the Dow since early May)...

have anything to do with this (Obama/inTrade) ?

It's the correlation that no one in polite company is discussing.

Luckily, we're not so polite here. It's certainly suggestive.

Polite company wouldn't tend to discuss that because polite company tends not to be fucking stupid, not to put too fine of a point on it. Also note that since Obama effectively clinched the nomination, Seattle not only lost the Supersonics, but the Mariners sped to one of the worst records in baseball.

Does Barack Obama hate Seattle? And is there anything, from fascism to racism to economic collapse to forging his birth certificate, that he can't do? I think we should just raise him up to be our Man-King now and hope that he smiles kindly upon our fortunes.