A new study has found that having gays and lesbians in the military doesn't disrupt unit cohesion. Freeper of the Day mesoman7:

“Right, ‘cause it's impossible there are heterosexual soldiers out there with HIV infection...”

Pretty close. All military members are periodically tested for HIV. If they test positive...goodbye.

Good Freeper!

The increased probability of blood-borne diseases on the battlefield is a real bad idea. US military members are legendary for risking their own lives to pull a buddy out of the line of fire and literally bathe in the injured member's blood. Do we really want to increase the hazard even more? Do we want soldiers/marines/etc to think twice...thrice...when others are bleeding to death?

Death among gays from HIV is disproportionately higher than for non-gays. Since most die at a relatively early age, it is also a high probability that many will contract HIV while on active duty, then spend the rest of their days in VA hospital suffering a long and very expensive death. Call me cold, but I would much rather see the scarce resources of the VA and what is left of military medical facilities reserved for the combat injured.

Bad Freeper!

That's really special how you didn't read what you just wrote. Reading the rest of the thread (and discussing it with Auguste last night), I find it funny that the same people who accuse feminists of thinking that all sex is rape and men as sex-hungry monsters view gays and lesbians as, well, sex-hungry monster rapists...but with fatal diseases that apparently spontaneously generate despite frequent testing, which makes it all different.