Give them enough rope and they hang themselves. The apologist for the homophobia and the predatory priests of the Catholic Church goes on The Mike Signorile Show to discuss his demand to the DNCC to drop Bitch PhD and Towleroad from the list of the credentialed blogs...listen to Bill refer to kid-f*cking in the piece.

[youtube expand=1]

Here are parts 1 and 3. Enjoy.

Andy's original response to Bill's screed:

"If Donohue is so focused on sex," Towleroad's Andy Towle responded on Monday, "his time would be better focused on healing the epidemic of sexual abuse against children by clergy in the Catholic church, and considering the facts on the use of condoms, which the Church has said have no effect on the prevention of AIDS, rather than attempting to influence American politics by limiting the Democratic ideals of free speech, inclusion and tolerance."