Did you know that there's no economic slowdown? How come, you may ask?

Well, you see, people are going to chain restuarants on Saturday nights. And some dude with a hauling business somewhere is doing well. Instapundit sums it up in the inimitably poetic way only he can:

When McCain said the fundamentals of the economy are sound, he was talking about muscles and sinews. The problem we've got is more neurological.

I suppose you could call the problems of everyone referenced in Reynolds' post neurological, but that seems awfully mean. If we assume that any business doing well at any point anywhere in America is indicative of overall economic success (I'll bet that pumpkin patches are going to be doing gangbusters in a couple of weeks!), then it's conceivable that America will never enter into an economic downturn - people still went to see movies during the Depression, after all.

Remember that the real vote of economic health is Applebee's nightly turnover rate, not the unemployment rate or the health of the financial sector or how much debt we're in or - hey! Hey! Can you haul this crap away for me? I'll pay you with valuable American money!