Sorry this is late. I have no good excuses for myself. I just checked out all morning. Luckily, being a blogging addict, I won't be gone long.

Ten songs at random, leave yours in comments.

1) "Kill All Hippies"---Primal Scream

2) "Genital Blue Room"---In Flagranti

3) "Bring It On Home To Me"---The Animals

4) "Rory Rides Me Raw"---The Vaselines

5) "Knife"---Grizzly Bear

6) "Truck"---The Octopus Project

7) "Dead Sound"---The Raveonettes

8) "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House"---Yo La Tengo

9) "A World Of Hurt"---Drive-By Truckers

10) "Alcohol"---Gogol Bordello

So, how do you waste time when you're feeling lazy?

Drive-By Truckers:

[youtube expand=1]

Yo La Tengo (this video if fun, stars the guys from "Mr. Show"):

[youtube expand=1]