A presumptuous candidate meets with foreign leaders, draws massive crowds and is running on a platform dedicated mainly to the force of their own personality and vague prescriptions that fall apart when the candidate is off-teleprompter.

Of course, this is Sarah Palin, so she's magically connecting with real people rather than behaving like some uppity-ass hater. Hot Air mockingly compares Palin's crowd sizes with Biden's, Gina Cobb even pulls out the daily Google search metric (ask Alicia Sacramone how being the most popular search on Google works out for you), Patterico even starts loving on Bill Clinton - Bill Clinton - he's drunk so deeply of the Palin Flavorade.

Effusive praise for her ability to speak without a teleprompter (there's a reason!), pulling out the mom card, even the giddy promise of road trips to see The Palin...it's not so much that conservatives are doing every single thing they said Obama supporters were doing in support of their Euro man-god, but that they have no fucking idea what they've been saying for over a year.

Of course, there is a bit of difference here, as Gateway Pundit points out. Palin didn't require a band that normally plays 1200-person venues or give out refreshments in line in a country where such a thing is routine. Ergo, the belief that she smiles sunshine and cures death with her hands is a perfectly rational response to the fact that she's really, really popular and therefore qualified to be President.