And no, I'm not actually exaggerating*. Frankly, I don't know how I missed this story, because apparently it's been around awhile.

John McCain wants to tax your employer-provided health care benefits. He wants to replace those benefits with an insufficient tax credit--$2500 for individuals and $5000 for families (the average cost per family for health insurance is $12000).

Are you fucking KIDDING me? $5000 would almost pay the premium for one family member under the current system. This is a sick joke, right? This isn't actually what McCain thinks will fix health insurance in this country, right?

I mean, I suppose the massive die-off of thousands of suddenly under- or uninsured Americans would lighten the strain on the emergency room system (after the initial rush), at the very least. So maybe that's what they're going for. But short of that, I honestly don't see any way to look at this proposal other than John McCain offering to come to my house, kick me in the nuts, amputate one of my wife's limbs and skitter away holding my son in his talons. He's the goddamn angel of economic death and he should seriously fuck off RIGHT NOW.

John McCain wants to tax your health insurance.

* For a given value of "slightly."