"What's that sound?" "That? Why, that's just ol' George spinning in his grave."

So I got a rare opportunity to sleep in this morning, but I did have a really weird dream: I dreamed that Augustienne, who had gotten up before me, came in to tell me that some bigoted asshole at my alma mater had hung a noose and a cardboard effigy of Obama from a tree.


A custodian discovered the cutout of Obama about 7 a.m. Tuesday and removed it. The cutout was hung from a tree with fishing line near Minthorn Hall. He said the image of the African-American Democratic nominee for president was accompanied by the words, "Act Six reject."

Act Six is a scholarship program that was established two years ago and is aimed at including more low-income and minority students in the George Fox student body, Baker said. Students are chosen for their leadership potential; all receive full scholarships.

I told them this would happen when they started letting entitled, white, usually home-schooled Baptists into the school, but did they listen?

George Fox is a weird conundrum, in a way: The faculty is very moderate for a Christian school - the perennial conflict is when sheltered fundies get their kids to the school, find out the Biology program has a course in Evolution, they raise a stink about it, and the administration calmly tells them that if their kids don't want to learn evolution, they're more than welcome to stay as far away from the science building as their conscience dicates, thank you very much. Of course, this throws a wrench into the plans of a few pre-med creationists. Win-win, n'est pas? - but the student body skews crazy. I'm talking Sarah Palin, God-bought-my-swimming-pool crazy. And although you don't have to be a BMW-driving evangelical to be a complete, unrepentant bigot, it certainly helps.

Of course, not only the fundies have unexamined privilege issues: This is a private college in Oregon, after all. And although when I was there 10+ years ago (holy! shit!) there were several racially charged incidents on campus, I had both hoped things had improved and wondered what the reaction was to Obama's candidacy, given the overwhelming conservativeness of the students. Both questions were answered for me yesterday, and I wish I were more surprised.