OMFG. He's at it again -- recloseted homosexual and anti-gay activist James Hartline is ensuring his place in the nutbag hall of fame with another one of his rants on Acts of GodTM being caused by TEH GAYZ.

God keeps trying to get their attention. They, for their part, are shouting so loud for the acceptance of homosexuality, that they cannot hear the thunderous warnings of God: “Repent! For the judgment comes soon!”

Each time homosexual activists attempt to force their agenda on California, there have been raging, massive, incinerating fires sweeping across the California landscape.

Today, people are running for their lives as 800 California homes have burned down and the firestorm is spreading like a nuclear holocaust. Yet, the radical homosexual anarchists rampage upon the streets of this state demanding the destruction of marriage and family, and the establishment of their socialistic dark vision for society.

You see, the problem is this: God has plans for California in the near days ahead. Thus, these attempts to force an ungodly tyranny on this state are being met blow with blow by God. God is saying, “California shall be a refuge for America when the catastrophes come. California belongs to Me, not the advocates of sexual anarchy.”

The more that homosexual activists press their battle in California, the more there will be great calamaties in this state.

You know, this bleating seems very familiar...oh yeah, he did this same sort of nonsense last year, same time, same bat channel, in the "homosexual stronghold of Hillcrest" over the fires in San Diego.

They shook their fists at God and said, "We don't care what God says, we will issue our legal brief to support gay marriage in San Diego!" Then Mayor Jerry Sanders mocked the Christian vote and signed off on this rebellious legal document to support same-sex marriage.

And then the streets of La Jolla under the Mt. Soledad Cross began to cave in.

They shook their fists at God and said, "We don't care what the Bible says, We want the California school children indoctrinated into homosexuality!" And then Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law the heinous SB777 which bans the use of "mom" and "dad" in the text books and promotes homosexuality to all school children in California.

And then the wildfires of Southern California engulfed the land like a raging judgment against the radicalized anti-christian California rebels.

Mike Tidmus has more of the insanity.


One of my contributors, Autumn, who lives in San Diego said:

And, we just gosh darn know that what James Hartline says is God's Word incarnate -- that's because James Hartline is a self-proclaimed prophet of God:

God has granted me the privilege of prophetically looking into the mighty vision that He is in the process of establishing for this generation.

So, the Prophet James hath spoken!