I'm not sh*tting you. Laura Bush went on Faux News Sunday to defend her husband's record and discusses the shoe incident in Iraq.

"It was an assault," she said. "And the president laughed it off, he wasn’t hurt, he’s very quick as you know he’s a natural athlete and ducked it, but on the other hand it was an assault." In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Laura Bush said the only positive aspect of the shoe-thrower was that it proved the greater freedom Iraqis enjoy since the American invasion.

...Bush attacked critics who claim her husband's presidency has been a failure, arguing that the press has been "absolutely" unfair in its coverage.

"His inner core and his belief in freedom, and that means not just freedom from terrorism, but freedom from disease and freedom from illiteracy is what really is the basic of American values and that’s what I think he’s shown the whole time he’s been president," Bush said.

Wow. What an awesomely batsh*t statement. How can she truly believe this, given the hundreds of thousands of lives affected by the Iraq quagmire, the disaster of the response to Katrina, the unconstitutional executive power grabs, the list goes on and on.