imageAlthough I'm sure that she'll keep it up, I'm not sure that Dr. Helen's plan of acting like a total dick is going to convince my generation that universal health care is a bad idea.

At first, I balked at this plan (and it is not certain, of course, that this is the direction the Obama administration will take), but then I thought about it. Guess who pays for this mandated health care? Younger and/or healthier people.

That ain't me. The plan won't work unless the young and healthy subsidize those of us who have health problems and are older. With a heart attack, an ICD and in my forties, I'm going to be sitting pretty. I am already in the system. And now the younger, healthier people will be forced to contribute to pay for my battery changes, heart check-ups and other medical problems. Sounds good to me.

Unless I'm mistaken and Dr. Helen is a doctor of brokeanomics, she's still earning income (and between her and her inexplicably employed husband, a lot of it), which means that, in a universal healthcare system, they would be paying a lot more of their own healthcare needs under a universal system than those under 30 earning significantly less. It's one thing to gloat about taking advantage of stupid young kids, it's another thing to gloat because you're too stupid to realize that you're still going to be paying for your own care.

I won't even go into the fact that health insurance already works this way, and that an uninsured young and/or healthy person who all of a sudden needs medical care actually helps raise costs for the insured Dr. Helen, because I'm not a petulant asshole. However, I will gloat...just a bit.