Law enforcement agencies in Canada are banning the shock device in the wake of a study by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

The study includes a medical analysis that concluded someone shot with a Taser could face as high as a 50 percent chance of cardiac arrest.

The Taser company, however, still says its weapons can't kill.

"It is unfortunate that false allegations based on scientifically flawed data can create such uncertainty," Steve Tuttle, a Taser vice president, told The Arizona Republic.

Stories of Taser-related deaths have stacked up over the years, many involving police officers who never realized the harm their Taser could cause.

A man described as "emotionally disturbed" fell to his death after police Tasered him on fire escape. The officers who gave the order took a Glock 9mm from the locker room and shot himself in the head.

And, as I blogged earlier this week, an Oklahoma man in diabetic shock was Tased first, with questions asked later.

El Reno police officers approached a vehicle that had spun-out on the interstate. Inside was a man who they thought was drunk or on drugs. The man was wrestled out of his truck on Interstate 40 because he wasn't cooperating with police. Moments later police tazed the man.

After several attempts officers were finally able to get the combative man into custody. What they don't realize is the 53-year-old wasn't drunk or on drugs. He was in severe diabetic shock. In fact, his blood sugar level at the time was 11.

..."Eleven is pretty low blood sugar and he would not be able to process those commands coming from the officers," explained Dr. Mary Ann Bauman.


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