Yesterday I ran a couple of video open letters to Rick Warren -- from Faith in America's Mitchell Gold and Tracey Zoeller, author of "The Pastor's Daughter."

Today's open letter is from Rodney Powell, a member of Faith In America's board of directors and a former student activist in civil rights movement, and he has no patience for the smooth, media-friendly mega-pastor Rick Warren's attempt to spin his brand of evangelical conservatism as enlightened or in any way reaching out to the LGBT community. He believes that Warren's actions and attitude are no different from those of segregationists and racists. Here is the powerful smackdown:

[youtube expand=1]

A partial transcript of a meaty portion of this open letter:

"When you seek to force your views and intolerance on others, you are no different from racists, segregationists, sexists, anti-Semites and other bigots throughout America's history of religion-based bigotry. Dr. King vigorously and harshly challenged and rejected the acceptance of institutions and persons who advocated and advanced religion-based racial persecution and its resultant bigotry and hate.

It is astounding to me, and I'm certain to other former student leaders of non-violent protest during the civil rights movement such as Congressman John Lewis, that you will deliver the keynote address at the Martin Luther King Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Mr. Warren, I do not believe Dr. King would find your spiritual leadership unifying, and I'm certain he would not find it to be part of his vision for America of a beloved community."