One of the blogs hosed when Soapblox was hacked was my pad, Pam's House Blend. is the host of almost all of the state-focused blogs. A few "rogue" progressive sites like mine are also in there and were affected. If you want to catch up on the day of disaster, here are a few diaries:

* server hacked; Pam's House Blend, other sites affected

* Q of the day - Soapblox: stay or go?

Also, see this DKos diary for the chronology and to see people trading notes during the panic. Most of the sites are up, we don't know for how long, or what the future holds for the Soapblox platform. Needless to say, I have been working to download my archives (via client-side), once I saw that my site was back up, but I don't have -- and really need -- a copy of the db itself that could be migrated in a disaster. Sigh.