Do not click on this link. You have been warned.

Now go about your business.

Don't click on "more"! Don't do it!

I warned you, the rest of you are my witnesses, DON'T CLICK TH- image

Look what you did.

You clicked on the link.

And now you know about "reborn babies." And now you'll have to browse the site, marveling at how these things first prove the uncanny valley, then flood, scar, shatter the uncanny valley with a series of unnatural disasters.

But that's not even the bad part of all this. No, the bad part is Rush Limbaugh, as it forever will be:

Would it be -- would it be over the top, ladies and gentlemen, to suggest maybe a charitable donation of a bunch of these dolls to the Planned Parenthood? As gifts to their customers and clients...Yeah, so you go into Planned Parenthood as a customer, you walk out after the deed is done; they give you one of these Reborns.

Leave it to Rush to actually up the baby-fetishism factor on this whole thing.

This has no mouth, and I must scream.

Update: FOR THE RECORD, my wife and I came somewhat close to losing Augustlet our ownselves. I'm not trying to step on anyone's chosen grieving method. But the site I linked to has nothing to do with commissions for grieving parents, and neither do most of the top hits for "reborn babies."

It may have started out as an understandable part of the grieving process, but it sure seems completely fucked up now.