Really, jackass?

Employees of a pizza delivery shop say the owner has cut off the heat in the store. And they say if the workers don't like it, they can leave.


The fundamental level of disrespect for workers we've been seeing created over the last, say, 25 years is only just beginning to pay dividends for whatever group of people think they stand to gain from it. Apparently the owner took retribution on one of the employees who spoke out not only by suspending then firing him, but by publicly airing the fact that the employee had previously had a DUI (and apparently reporting the results of a background check from another person who never even worked for them, but commented negatively on the comments in that blog.) I mean, it's all very small-town and sordid, but you can also draw a straight line from the attitudes of this owner to the incredible anti-union sentiment in the Detroit 3 debacle.

Oh, and here's the best part:

The temperature was 55 degrees when we went in on Friday, but we saw something else. There's a space heater in the office where Benjamin's wife - the real boss - runs her accounting business.

Pizzatime corporate can be reached here.