When the President-Elect of the United States publicly declaring he's a devout Christian makes your list of the Top 10 "Christian Bashers" of 2008, you're probably not nearly as victimized as you think you are.

For instance, did you know that a Christian minister in Michigan was imprisoned for writing an article about how God would punish the judge presiding over his case? Of course not, because the ACLU is involved. But no, certainly an ESPN anchor saying "Fuck Jesus" is more damaging to Christians nationwide than Christians being imprisoned for opining on God's will. It's really sad they edited out the Gospel of Stuart Scott, wherein Jesus converts rogue sports anchor Jepthoah Blakeman after scoring nine points on a single drive in Madden 28 AD. It was moving.

(By the way, how often has WND covered the above-mentioned case? Never.)