The incredibly shrinking profile of the laughable anti-gay outfit MassResistance has poor Brian Camenker railing to himself his readers about the non-existent destruction of the Bay State by the homos. In his latest rant, he is charging the state government with bowing to the incredible power of the homosexual movement during a budget crisis.

Millions of dollars for programs and services are being cut. But the state's top elected officials refuse to budge on the $700,000 of your money that's going to homosexual programs in the public schools. (In October it was lowered slightly from $850,000. That's still obscenely high -- ANY amount is too much -- and a huge weapon for homosexual activists in schools. And we hear they're getting the rest of the money from another government source.)

...MassResistance called the Senate President's office to ask if that included the funding for homosexual programs in the schools. We left a few messages with the Senate President's budget staffer. They seemed to figure out who we were. A bit later got a call back from a staffer named "Rick" (no last name). Rick told us that the Senate President supported the homosexual programs, but that it was the governor's office that instituted the budget cuts, and that we need to contact his office. We asked Rick if the Senate President would sit down and talk to us about the homosexual agenda in the schools, since she works so closely with homosexual lobbyists. He said he'd call us right back. (So far, the phone hasn't rung -- not surprising.)

Brian, I think the reason you didn't get a call back is that the staffer knew you were representing the looney-tunes POV. They have better things to do.

Undaunted, the face of MassResistance picked up the phone and called the Governor Deval Patrick's office and this was Brian's interpretation of the conversation.

After several days trying to get a real person to speak to us, we spoke to a staffer who told us (rather impatiently) that although anything is possible, the Governor supports the homosexual programs, and she (the staffer) personally supports them. Another staffer who called us back told us that the budget decisions seem to be made jointly, with legislative leaders having a fair amount of input. Maybe we should try to influence the Governor's 2010 budget, she said, the first draft of which comes out next month. In other words, don't hold your breath.

One common denominator was the attitude everyone in these offices had as soon as they found out that we opposed the homosexual programs in the schools. They became passive-aggressive to varying degrees, and seemed mostly interested in getting us off the phone.

Are we seeing a pattern yet, Brian?


* MassResistance hard up for ca$h