When you see those expensive puppies for sale in a store, think twice about where they came from. Too often, they are churned out of hellholes like this one in Gold Bar, Washington. (KING5.com, it has raw video):

Snohomish County authorities say more than 150 dogs living in filthy conditions were seized in a raid on puppy mill in Gold Bar on Friday night. A tip led deputies and officers to the residence and enough information was gathered to obtain a search warrant for the investigation of animal cruelty.

... “Most of them in crates, most of them covered with feces, urine-saturated bedding, covered with fleas, they all were infested with fleas, some had sores all over their bodies,” said Snohomish County spokeswoman Carolyn Weikel. Officers also found four dead dogs, two of them puppies that had been placed in a freezer.

We have some that we feel have developed distemper, we have some genetic defects from inbreeding of the dogs, missing legs, things like that,” said Bud Wessman, Director of Animal Services for the City of Everett.

Wessman said it appears that many of the dogs have had their vocal cords cut to keep them quiet.

Among the popular breeds being produced through disgusting inbreeding that results in defects and disease: Yorkies, Rat Terriers, West Highland White terriers, Chinese Crested, Pugs, Dachshunds, Pekingese and "designer dogs" (such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles, etc.)

They are calling for donations to the local Animal Rescue Foundation and seek volunteers to help care for all the dogs they are sheltering from this bust.


* Officers raid puppy mill, 'astounded' by filth

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