Enjoy the day. I thought that I'd do a rewind and repost the insane, but entertaining Valentine's Day gift sent to me by Pastor Billy Ball of Faith Baptist Church, Primrose, Georgia (you have to see his web site to get the full fundie flavor).

Anyway, here is what he sent me in 2007; the size, font, and color stylings of the message are all courtesy of the reverend's good taste. By the way, after much mulling in the original post, "HESHES" probably refers to "he-shes."

More of that post below the fold.

It's nice that he believes in rainbow colors. This is the same "Christian" leader who wrote Jeremy of Good As You to spread this message of love and brotherhood to him:

What is truly sad is that instead of taking action to care for the poor, sick, and the homeless -- an actual charge of his faith -- this pastor spends his time picketing gay bookstores and doing the above.