At Daddy D's Citizenlink there is an article, "Nationwide Battle over Marriage Continues," that gives a little status report on the state of marriage equality around the country. It includes a warning from fellow religious right extremist Tony Perkins that is supposed to make "Christians" everywhere soil themselves:

"As we speak, a dozen or so states are on high alert for legislation that could radically alter the family. Unless you and your church family engage, we stand to lose a lot of important ground."

But that's not all. These goons have tried out countless scare tactics to make Americans think marriage equality is the end of civilization, so why not say the already fragile economy will be destroyed if gay and lesbian couples can get married, and that's why marriage amendments are necessary.

"These bills are advanced to promote an agenda that ignores the stabilizing influence of marriage for children, adults and our economy," she said.

"Our country is in a period of economic uncertainty, and people should contact their state legislators and urge them to promote family and societal stability."

Now I'm no math whiz, but wouldn't the additional dollars brought into the states where marriage equality is legal bring MORE money into local economies, not less? Perhaps the fundies have some special bible based "new math" at their disposal we don't know about.