Fox News finally discovers class warfare, and they can't help but dial up the crazy. At the bottom of a Media Matters entry dealing with the already-batshit premise of comparing the Democratic party to a crime family - Mike Malloy is probably considering an intellectual property lawsuit - the apparently-lobotomized host Brian Kilmeade says this about George Soros:

FRANZESE: Yes, and with good reason. I had, you know, my issues in walking away from that life. People were pretty upset with me about it, and -- so it took years to get over. But, you know, George Soros, you know, to me, he's the guy. I mean, he's the guy you gotta be concerned about here because he exercises a lot of control.

KILMEADE: And here's the scary thing: He's made money through this global downturn. He came out of retirement because he predicted it. I don't know if he orchestrated it -- if that's possible with his money -- but he's made billions.


KILMEADE: So, he's in control, while everybody else wonders what the heck happened.

FRANZESE: And I wonder why they associate with this guy. I mean, here -- one thing about mob guys, now, we were pretty patriotic. We may have been doing our thing on the streets, but we didn't like anybody messing with the country. And I recall, you know, after 9-11, he was -- he did some damage on Wall Street.

KILMEADE: Absolutely.

Allow me to illustrate the utter absurdity of this by imagining a conversation between myself and My Wingnut Cousin.

Auguste: Hi, My Wingnut Cousin.

My Wingnut Cousin: Hey, long time no see. What brings you to Idaho?

A: Oh, I was just passing through on my Dakota? Hey, listen, did you hear about this guy who made billions in the stock market in the last few months?

MWC: No, but wow.

A: Yeah, seriously, it's like he always knows what's going to happen.

MWC: Well, that's what the stock market's about, right?

A: Yeah, but this is just ridiculous. I mean, the guy is making money while everyone else is starving. I mean, he owns 2 million shares of Halliburton, for crying out loud.

MWC: Listen, Auguste, I know you're a dirty fucking hippie and all, but there's nothing wrong with making money. That's what this country was built on. I mean, Halliburton is just a business like everyone else. And yeah, so we're all going through a hard time - even so, a guy who can stay ahead of the market and make money for himself, well, that's what the system was designed for, you know? And the money he makes trickles down to his employees, and his charitable giving, and everything.

A: Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean, it'd be ridiculous to say that there's some sort of conspiracy by a specific captain of economic industry to sort of engineer this downturn for his own gain, right?

MWC: Yeah, that's pretty much the communist line, it sounds like to me.

A: Ah, cool. I guess you're right. Yeah, the guy - it's George Soros, by the way - must be doing something right, huh? Heh-heh.

MWC: You know, you're like the asshole version of Socrates.

A: Yeah, it's for the blog.

MWC: Dick.