Pope Benedict XVI triggered yet another scandal when he criticized the use of condoms in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Now the protests are taking an unusual form: The pontiff is about to receive a deluge of condoms by post -- gifts from international members of a Facebook group.

...Now that anger is being expressed in an unusual way: An Italian group on the social networking Web site Facebook is urging people to post condoms to the pope in protest over his remarks. It expects 60,000 subscribers will send a condom to the Vatican on Friday.

The 60K is just the beginning. The campaign is spreading like wildfire via Facebook.

...Similar social networking groups supporting the condom campaign have sprung up elsewhere on Facebook, triggering pledges of participation from across Europe and beyond. Some estimate that deliveries to the pontiff may total 5 million. One Web site calls on people to either send a real condom addressed to "His Holiness" at the Vatican or a photograph of the contraceptive to his email address.

Send a condom to the Pope asking him to distribute them to folks in developing countries. Send a photo of a condom to his email at: send a real one to his address at: His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Apostolic Palace

00120 Via del Pellegrino

Citta del Vaticano

Do you think His Holiness and his private secretary Monsignor Georg Gänswein will be able to do something productive with them? They could save lives.

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Speaking of Monsignor Gänswein, Jesus' General sent this suggestion to His Eminence,Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

Archbishop of Galveston-Houston for an alternative event to promote opposite the President's appearance at Notre Dame to give the commencement address:

[Y]ou could feature a musical number by The Altar Boyz, and maybe get Bill O'Reilly to do a juggling act featuring falafels, loofahs, and his ReamMaster 5000.

Of course you'd want to end it with something big--something you could use to tease the public for weeks before the event--and what would be better than a video of Monsignor Georg Gänswein fluffing the papal mitre.

[youtube expand=1]

Kate and I saw The Altar Boyz with the original cast when we were in NY a few years ago. People were dancing in the aisles -- that was way too much fun. Tyler Maynard (Mark, the awesome flaming blond, was the breakout of the group) brought down the house. We bought the soundtrack CD and jam in the car (and still die laughing).