Now the homophobic idiocy of this is bad enough, but why the hell did this assistant principal think she had the right to do this? (Kentucky Equality Federation):

Kentucky Equality Federation received reports that a Franklin County High official allegedly sent an email to teachers instructing them not to allow homosexuals to leave class to use the restroom.

The email was allegedly sent after two female classmates were caught kissing in the public restroom.

Wait, an entire group of people can't use the john in response to being offended by a kiss by two students. WTF?

"I'd like to know what level this mentality, that gay and lesbian students should not be treated equally is coming from. An incident in one county could be called an isolated incident, but we now have similar reports in three other Kentucky Counties," stated Kentucky Equality Federation Managing Director Laura Reed.

Isn't this a health issue? Are gay students supposed to sh*t their pants if they are having a gastrointestinal bad day? This is so insane that the students held a protest.

And protect your keyboards for this irony alert -- the word for the month of April at Franklin County High School is tolerance, and look at this:

"Franklin County High School establishes a secure community that fosters a spirit of cooperation and respect for academic excellence, personal values, and diverse cultures both in and out of the classroom."

H/t Inside, Looking Out.