Oklahoma resident Denabeth, one of the regulars at my pad, sent me this story, saying "One more step towards Oklahoma becoming an theocracy." The home to Sally Kern has a legislature and governor that approved the display of the Ten Commandments at the state Capitol. (The Oklahoman):

Had Henry vetoed House Bill 1330, it was likely the GOP-run Legislature would have overridden it, something that has occurred only once in the 61/2 years Henry has been governor. The measure easily passed both chambers: 83-2 in the House and 38-8 in the Senate.

...The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma may file a lawsuit depending on how it fares with its challenge to a Ten Commandments monument in Haskell County, said Tamya Cox, the group’s legislative counsel. "We’re very disappointed the governor signed House Bill 1330,” she said. "It usurped the First Amendment. Thankfully, we have until Nov. 1 before the monument could be erected, so we are going to definitely take our time.”

...Sen. Randy Brogdon, Senate sponsor of HB 1330, said he is "tickled pink” the governor signed the measure.

"He chose to be with the people on this one,” said Brogdon, R-Owasso. "It was widely supported by people around the state. I was pleasantly surprised.”

I don't think we have to ask which way Sally voted.

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