I love it when we receive truly deranged emails like this. At once insulting and hilarious, you have to imagine why this person is even reading this blog if they are so completely unnerved by what is said here. How embarrassing is this missive?

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Subject: Prop 8!

Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 23:41:39 -0700 (PDT)

From: redacted email

To: tips at phblend.com

Lady...oh excuse me "DYKE!"

I've just spent the last humorous hour reading some of the rubbish on that site of yours. I find it overwhelmingly pleasing to know that the Gay rights agenda, or movement as you'd probably prefer to call it, has such a distasteful hatred for the religious right.

You despicable parasites are just as bigoted as the ones you choose to accuse!

The Prop 8 situation in California is a prime example. You all cry about the rule of law and how you feel that all you freaks are being treated like 2nd class citizens...yet, when Prop 8 comes along and is done in a legal manner by way of the voters of your state...you just cannot agree with it.

The absolute funniest damn part of this whole thing is that the Supreme Court of our most LIBERAL STATE...upheld Prop 8 by a 6-1 vote....now THAT IS FUNNY!!

If someones beliefs don't jive with the way you think they should...the extremists within the queer movement resort to all sorts of vial tactics to make a point. Case in point...you sick repulsive sodomites vandalized and disturbed a Mormon Church service protesting the fact that the church openly backed Prop 8!

It didn't matter that there might have been a possibility that NONE OF those particular church goers had any direct connection to anything Prop 8, let alone even voted for it. You sick bastards decided to act out your frustration on innocent people with your vial crap!

You sick repulsive bastards even try to push your sick agenda even within public schools any chance you get.

The Constitution does NOT grant you special treatment...and that INCLUDES the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, you stupid ignorant morons!

When I was younger and in school...I never really took sides on this issue, let alone, strongly voiced my OPINION! Back then I could really care less.

As I've matured with age though, and especially having seen the vial crap your movement has dished out for the past couple of decades, I have stepped forward and changed my ways.

Now, if that makes me a BIGOT, then FINE!! I wear that with a badge of honor!

When the closet door swung open and all you HIV infested sodomites walked through the door...you all left the door ajar and open...I think it is time you all went back into the closet and closed the door behind you. America was a far better place back then...we can have peace and tranquility yet again!!