This kind of garbage happened under Bush; this news should signal to the Obama administration that those serving on his watch surely don't need to suffer this indignity and level of resource depletion. The Army’s field manual states that in the desert, the human body can lose as much as four gallons of water a day, yet soldiers were only receiving two to three liters of water per day from commanders.

Contractors that should have been doling out H2O for servicemembers were MIA, forcing this disgusting situation. (Raw Story):

US soldiers are now being forced to steal water in Iraq. With supplies tight, and the number of trucks carrying potable water even tighter, troops have resorted to stealing water from civilian contractors. Many have also reportedly suffered from dysentery because they were forced to drink untreated water from Iraqi wells.

The shocking news aired Wednesday on Houston-based CBS affiliate KHOU.

It gets worse. Soldiers say the situation has become so dire they were forced to raid the United States’ own airbase in Baghdad for bottled water. They found the water stored in pallets held by civilian contractors, who were supposed to be distributing it.

“It really hit me the day I was with my commander and we’re stealing water,” Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Robey told the station, describing his mission to collect water at the Baghdad International Airport. A second soldier said he’d also stolen water from civilian contractors: “We’d just run out and start grabbing cases of water and start throwing them in the gunner’s hatch,” Private Bryan Hannah quipped.

Oh, and guess what entity is charged with maintaining the water supply? It's KBR (a spinoff of Halliburton) in many parts of Iraq.