Here we go, as the GOP knows its fortunes are going down the tubes, they have to resort to the usual bullsh*t lies, twisting the hearings on hate crimes legislation to suggest that Congressional Dems "support protecting pedophiles" and not troops. Of course the fact that members of the military have not been systematically singled out as a group targeted by hate crimes is irrelevant, but facts don't matter to them.

The fact is that during debate over this bill the GOP tried to add all sorts of demographic groups that also haven't been the target of hate crimes, like pregnant women, senior citizens, etc. in order to try to derail the legislation -- it didn't work. But you see, 2010 is coming up quickly and the party has no ideas to help out Congressional candidates.

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Considering the party's history of enabling and even promoting the pedophiles, rapists, serial adulterers, and sexual predators in its midst, all while projecting piety, it would be refreshing to see the Republicans to actually try to win on the issues. However, this level of desperation shows that they don't think they can sell their ideas to anyone, so it's back to the tried-and-true, garden variety extremist scare-tactics. Who, aside from the 20-25% hardcore fringe, will take this stuff seriously?