[Journalist Ibrahim] Jassam, 31, has been in U.S. custody...since [September]. His case is the latest of a dozen detentions the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists has documented since 2001.

No formal accusations have been made against Jassam, and an Iraqi court ordered in November that he be released for lack of evidence. But the U.S. military continues to hold him, saying it has intelligence that he is "a high security threat," said Maj. Neal Fisher, spokesman for detainee affairs.

The Obama administration harshly criticized Iran for its imprisonment of Roxana Saberi, the U.S.-Iranian journalist who was convicted of espionage and sentenced to eight years in prison before being freed two weeks ago. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Iran's treatment of Saberi as "non-transparent, unpredictable and arbitrary."

Non-transparent, unpredictable and arbitrary. Kind of like Phoenician in a Time of Romans' sexual technique everything the Democrats and the Obama administration have done in the last two weeks.

After the court ordered Jassam's release, Fisher said, new evidence came to light that suggested he was a "high security threat."

New evidence! Imagine that! It's almost as if our government is completely full of shit.

h/t Glenn Greenwald.