Joe Scarborough thinks that Republicans who demonize President Obama are making a big mistake. "A lot of callers that call in, expect me to scream and yell and say I hate President Obama. Being against his policies for some reason with a lot of people in the base, that's not enough. They want you to hate the man. And, of course, this is going back and forth. They've got to drop the hate," said Scarborough.

Mike Barnacle agreed. "You can be agreebly disagreeable, but it's unlike the base of the Republican party, which I now think is talk radio," said Barnacle. "It's not that they disagree with President obama. It's that he's a socialist, he's this, he's that, and the vitriol that pours out over the airwaves is just stunning," Barnacle continued. "You can't live a life as contentiously as they do on talk radio."

This video is from CNN's American Morning, broadcast May 4, 2009.

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