imageJonah Goldberg on why it's okay to have preferences based on familial giving, but not weigh race as a factor in college admissions:

People say, 'well, why should we be neutral on race when people aren't neutral about whose family gave more money to a school and all the rest?' And there's a longer answer, but a short answer is simply that, you know, we fought a civil war over race. We amended the constitution a couple of times because of race. We had the civil rights act because of race. Seems to me that race is different, and that we've learned from bitter experience with lots of dead people that government getting in the business of picking winners and losers by race is a bad way to go.

Yes, because nobody has ever fought a war over money. Or amended the Constitution over money. Or passed legislation because of money. Baby Jesus bless you, currency, for you are the best of us.