Tweet reading *It should be understood in advance that if Iranian democracy hopes end in horrifying violence, Obama is somewhat discredited too*

Trevitus, above, inadvertantly explains why holding your nose and agreeing with the conservatives is a fool's game.

I had thought that years of bona fides on human rights issues would have gained Pandagon the benefit of the doubt in terms of hoping people fighting for democracy, freedom, a better life, would succeed. I had thought that years of making it a mission to discredit the conservative blogosphere - or, more specifically, to point out when the conservative blogosphere is discrediting itself - would have gained Pandagon the benefit of the doubt in terms of spotting hypocrisy from a mile away. And, yes, I had thought that years of not-exactly-concentrating on foreign policy analysis would have made it obvious that our first reaction to an Iranian uprising would not be a high-level attempt to parse the various internal and external effects of Iranian political results. But apparently not.

So let me break it down, and speaking only for myself: Woo, protestors/revolutionaries! Boo, Ahmadinejad! Woo, in-depth coverage of events in Iran! Boo, history (and probably future) of US interventionism in the Middle East!

And most of all, fucking boo Trevino and all his ilk, who could not have made it clearer that "going Green" is not about freedom for people living in Islamic countries, but all about scoring political points.