Reading David Neiwert's further take down of Jonah Goldberg's drivel, and comically horrified to discover that Goldberg has the absolute gall to consider Neiwert an "ankle-biter" I figured I'd share with him what real "ankle-biting" looks like. Jonah, a reasoned and thorough destruction of your entire thesis is less "ankle-biting" and more "head-lopping-off." Ankle-biting is more like going into a bookstore and redistributing copies of your pamphlet into much more appropriate - or at least fitting - sections of the establishment. image

The first table! Pride of place! For this drivel? You have got to be kidding me. Let's fix this problem, shall we?


Insert your own "subtitle" joke here.


Yes, those are the Auguste fingers.


One of these books is a modern classic.


Hey, Auguste. Weren't there only three books in that stack on the main table? Where are these other copies coming from?

Shut up, that's where.


It's just too bad this wasn't Powell's, where they have a whole "Revisionist History" section.


So also, this book exists. How the hell is John Podhoretz still getting work?


MUCH more appropriate.

By the way, I was serious about the modern classic:

A cow says moo.

A sheep says baa.

Three singing pigs say "La la la!"

"No, no!" you say. "That isn't right.

"The pigs say OINK all day and night."

Really, if you think about it, how different is the above quote from the whole Liberal Fascism thing? Jonah's asking you to believe that the pig says "La."

Update: Glenn Greenwald blogs about an exchange with Jonah that's just so exemplary:

...Suffice it to say, my #1 bestselling book has been translated into several languages and positively reviewed and/or taken quite seriously by quite a few people outside my "echo chamber." It was published by the tiffany imprint of one of the most respected publishing houses. I'm one of the most widely syndicated columnists in America (some non-echo-chamber editors must take me seriously). And non-echo-chamber outlets like NPR and countless universities invite me to speak regularly. Oh, about that idiotic Salon story, the guy knows jack shit about how I spent my twenties. I'd compare my resume to pretty much any prominent leftwing blogger. I know this all inconvenient to process and please don't take it as an invitation to debate, I'm done with you.

By the way, this email is not for publication.