Here, again, is the video of the exorcism of a 16-year-old boy at Manifested Glory Ministries Church in Connecticut that has sparked a great deal of controversy. This "healing" is supposed to chase out the gay demon that purportedly possesses the boy:

Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out had this to say.

Truth Wins Out condemned Manifested Glory Ministries in Bridgeport, Conn., for practicing child abuse in the name of religion, after a video surfaced where the church tried to exorcize demons from a gay teenager.

“This video reveals the underbelly of the ex-gay ministries and shows the medieval mindset of such organizations,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “We call on all such ministries to immediately stop the child abuse, which is harm in the guise of healing. As an organization that helps victims of such barbaric practices, we can attest to the psychological trauma that can result.

The exorcism video shows a teen writhing on the ground as adults implore so-called “homosexual demons” to get out. The leaders yell at the boy on the ground saying, “Right now in the name of Jesus, I call the homosexuality, right now in the name of Jesus.” This scene unfolds for 20 minutes with the boy in a near seizure, even vomiting.