A couple weeks back, assholes throughout the conservative blog world were touting unseasonably cool weather in the Midwest as proof that Al Gore copulates with rhinos.

Glenn Reynolds et al. are strangely silent about the fact that the actual goddamn sun is currently sitting on my front porch asking for a cup of sugar.

The average high temperature in Portland in July is 80 degrees. It's currently 80 degrees at midnight. And that's significantly cooler than the last two nights. Today I went to Lowe's, because the rumor was that they had some window AC units left. To HA! They got 11 pallets of units this morning, which were gone in one hour.

My point, besides venting some of this GODDAMN HEAT at you, is that using this GODDAMN HEATWAVE as proof of global climate change would be foolish. Exactly as foolish as the legions of bloggers attempting to use cool temperatures as refutation. Anecdotes are not data, wingnuts, and in case you forget, I'm going to keep yelling at you about the GODDAMN HEAT in the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2009.