So, as I mentioned earlier this week, I was so incredibly stoked to see Men, which is JD Samson's new band. And it was exactly as great as I'd hoped. Ever since Samson won the crowd's rapturous enthusiasm singing "The Viz" at a Le Tigre show I went to a few years ago, I had her pegged as a rock star. She's just got so much presence. Men is a dance party that you'd be a fool to miss, seriously. You can find tour dates at their MySpace page. They were selling handmade EPs at the show, but you can get some of their stuff on iTunes. Here's one of their floor-burners:

[youtube expand=1]

Alas, they're too new/underground to be picked up by iTunes' Genius. But I figured I should share with you a band that Ross Lincoln turned me onto. La Roux is extremely slick, but in a good way, like the Pet Shop Boys. I'm making today's mix off them.

Original song: "Quicksand" by La Roux

[youtube expand=1]

1) "One Pure Thought"---Hot Chip

2) "Hearts On Fire"---Cut Copy

3) "Merrymaking At My Place"---Calvin Harris

4) "Etheric Device"---Glass Candy

5) "I Get Around"---Dragonette

6) "Mandarine"---Booka Shade

7) "Running Up That Hill"---Chromatics (Kate Bush cover)

8) "Jimmy"---M.I.A.

9) "Drugs In My Body"---Thieves Like Us

10) "Needy Girl"---Chromeo

More videos after the fold. Also, a tragic tale from Dusty's week.


[youtube expand=1]

Thieves Like Us:

[youtube expand=1]

Glass Candy:

[youtube expand=1]

Sad, tragic story: I take Dusty out in the yard with me when I'm working on the garden, because it makes her happy to be outside and me happy to keep an eye on her. Molly goes, too, but in this heat, she usually does a perfunctory 30 second roll on the ground and then demands to be let back inside immediately. So I'm out there, and I have this bucket of compost tea I'm pouring over my vegetable plants when suddenly, Dusty walks right in front of me. Alas, it was too late to pull back and she got pretty well soaked on one side with compost tea. I tried hosing her down, with the hopes that this would encourage her to clean herself, and it did, but it was not enough. She smelled like shit. There was only one thing to do. Something that is, for me, about as weird and taboo as touching someone else's daemon in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy.

We shampooed the cat.

I was worried she would attack me or Marc, who was holding her still while I scrubbed her and rinsed her off. But she mostly put her paws on the side of the tub and looked betrayed. It was a look to break your heart, it really was. But the process taught us some things about our cat, starting with the fact that her rotund appearance is due to excessively long fur for a tabby. Also, even though we joke about her having no neck, she does indeed have a neck. When Dusty is wet, she actually looks like any other short-haired, neck-having cat.

Of course, we had to towel her off before taking pictures, so we weren't complete assholes to her. So she's already re-fluffing at this point, but you can get an idea:

As you can tell by her being out and about within seconds of finishing her first and hopefully last bath, she forgave us immediately, proving that my cat is a pussy cat. She still smells vaguely of Clairol shampoo.