Today's song for Genius is dedicated to the way that Senate Republicans are treating the confirmation hearings like a dog and pony show. Unfortunately, since Sotomayor has to sit there patiently throughout, she can't take the advice offered in the song.

Leave yours in comments, and consider this an open thread.

Original song: "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" by Jarvis Cocker

[youtube expand=1]

1) "Trains To Brazil"---Guillemots

2) "The Magic Position"---Patrick Wolf

3) "We Danced Together"---The Rakes

4) "You Made Me Like It"---The 1990s

5) "Listening Man"---The Bees

6) "Off The Hook"---CSS

7) "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!"---Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

8) "Skip to The End"---The Futureheads

9) "Sugar Assault Me Now"---Pop Levi

10) "California Girls"---The Magnetic Fields

Videos and cat pictures under the fold. The Guillemots:

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The Bees:

[youtube expand=1]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, proving that your best years need not be in your youth:

[youtube expand=1]

Dusty, while screwing around on the couch, managed to slip herself between me and the arm on her back. And sat there like this for like 3 minutes:

Don't be fooled by her expression of distress. To her, that's fun and games. She was screwing around, and the second she got bored of it, she leaped up to do something else.

When I'm not around, especially if I'm out of town, this is what happens between Molly and Marc:

I have no idea why she cannot let me witness this. Too bad she doesn't know how cellphone cameras work.