Should play have been stopped before Frank Lampard scored the go-ahead for Chelsea? Was Wayne Rooney offsides when he tied it up the 92nd minute? Has Man U collectively adopted the "ZOMGHOWCOULDYOUDOTHATTOME?!" facial repertoire of the departed Ronaldo? Do Chelsea players look like half-footballer, half-bar-brawler monsters that score and beat you up along the way?

Does Drogba finally look badass now that he dropped that little circle thingy he wore on his head? Was Michael Owen's irrelevance a sign of things to come? Has Petr Cech laid early claim to the mantle of the EPL's best keeper? Does Ancelotti's diamond formation make Lampard a better fantasy pick than Gerrard? Why was Man U nudging pathetic dribblers during the shootout while Chelsea was bombing balls into the corner? Will Man U be rattled by the poor PKs or buoyed by Rooney's run? Will Chelsea have a habit of letting up a bit too early at the end of games?

The only thing of which I'm certain: this is going to be a barn-burner of a chase for all the silverware amongst the top teams in England.

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