I've got a lot of stuff coming out today that I think will be of interest to the Pandagonians.

At the Guardian's Comment Is Free, I have a piece up about the ongoing marriage battles in the media. The timing couldn't be better, since Douthat had another douchey column up about conservative values, this time the "stay together for the kids" argument. I'd claim that I was psychic, but I didn't actually mention Douthat's mournful song of moral superiority over the rest of us fuckers in it. I'm happy with this piece, since I got to make a raccoon joke in it. In revenge, the raccoon that hangs out in my backyard ate my tomatoes of my plant.

I'm writing for TPM Cafe's Book Club again this week. We're discussing Bill Wasik's And Then There's This: How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture. Wasik is the guy who invented flash mobs, and he's a funny dude. My first post is a defense of the role blogs can play in our insanely fast media environment, but I suspect later this week I'll be forced to tangle with some of the things Wasik says about indie rock in the book.

And if you liked my blogging about the "Obama's gonna kill old people!" crap from this morning, then you'll like this week's podcast, where I talk about the lie---with clips! I also talk about cheerleaders for abstinence, a disturbing phenomenon.