If Bill Clinton raised a leper from the dead, Dick Morris would run around going "ew! ew!" and pointedly washing his hands.

"I feel badly for the two journalists, but what were they doing in North Korea in the first place?"

Dick Morris: Taking Kim Jong-Il at his word since 2009.

But Dick, assuming they did enter North Korea, which is a huge and foolhardy assumption, they were there to report on human rights abuses and trafficking. You know, reporting? That's the kind of thing Fox News supposedly does, although it's abdicated that responsibility in favor of having asshole blowhards fill up our TV screens to no good end.

Update, because I forgot to mention this: Morris would probably suggest that since the journalists confessed to crossing the border, his point is proven. Of course, the fact that they were quite probably tortured, and quite possibly falsely confessed, and that this essentially demonstrates en in vivo the most utilitarian argument against torture, would roll right off him.

(Via tllanes. Picture of people far more qualified to hold opinions than Dick Morris via mdpettitt / CC BY 2.0)