In a recent Fox News segment, right wing pundit Ann Coulter, well known for her acerbic, often shocking commentary on U.S. politics, unloaded on former President Bill Clinton, accusing him of "molesting" ex-White House intern Monica Lewinsky and leaving "semen stained Kleenex" behind for staff to dispose of.

During an interview on Meet the Press Sunday, Clinton told David Gregory that the "vast right wing conspiracy" has now shifted to target Obama, but is lacking strength "because America has changed demographically."

"[Obama] and his team ... have a positive agenda for America," Clinton said. "[Republicans] agenda seems to be wanting him to fail. And that's not a prescription for a good America."

"The vast right wing conspiracy is conspiring to oust Obama just like they were with Clinton," said Coulter. "Um, in Clinton's case I think it has more to do with molesting the White House intern leaving semen stained Kleenex around for the White House stewards to pick up ... Then perjuring himself, asking people around him to perjure themselves in the sexual harassment lawsuit against him, and then obstruction of justice in a special counsel investigation against him."

Her qualm with Obama: "It has more to do with the Feds nationalizing 1/6th of the American economy."

Coulter's accusation that Lewinsky was somehow molested is flatly false. President Clinton did not "molest" Ms. Lewinsky. Quite the contrary: the affair, while improper, salacious and politically dynamite for Republicans, was legal and consensual.

The dogged prosecution that followed, which cost the public much more than even the investigation into the 9/11 attacks, eventually led to Clinton perjuring himself under oath in an apparent effort to deny the infidelity to his wife. He was acquitted in the Senate and concluded his second term with a 66% approval rating, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

This video is from Fox News, broadcast Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009.