A Fox News host lectured a Democratic congressman who questioned the network's fair and balanced slogan during an interview on healthcare.

Fox anchor Gregg Jarrett hosted a discussion between a Republican Tennessee congresswoman and a New Jersey Democrat over whether mandating health insurance coverage was constitutional. After a series of back and forth exchanges, and repeated talking over each other, Andrews questioned the underlying fairness of the exchange.

"Can we have just a minute of 'Fair & Balanced' here, just an an exception here?" Rep. Rob Andrews asked. "Medicare was challenged on the same basis and it withstood constitutional challenge Gregg. I think this will too."

Jarrett snapped back, amidst chuckling from GOP congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

"Congressman Andrews, I'm not gonna let you get away with that because I asked a very tough question of your colleague Marsha Blackburn and you know it," Jarrett said. "And that's a cheap shot and I'm not gonna put up with it here."