Bonnie Erbe is convinced that Barack Obama hates women. This is mainly because despite all the women he's hired, he's actually Jesse Helms:

President Obama could invite Chamique Holdsclaw to the private White House basketball court and Billie Jean King to play tennis with him. I still wouldn't believe he's any more comfortable dealing with women or concerned about "women's" issues than the dearly departed former Sen. Jesse Helms. President Obama talks the talk a lot better and a lot louder than Helms. But Jesse Helms was so rooted in his atavist traditions, he chose to remain true to his misogyny rather than pose for cameras with faux female golfing partners. President Obama must hide the side of his personality that is clearly uncomfortable with women because he needs their votes much more than Helms ever did.

Whether it was his treatment of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail (as in his condescending remark that she was "likeable enough") or his clearly career-oriented mate who has been toned down and remorphed into a Stepford Wife, I just don't get the impression this man is comfortable with women. Nor do I believe he cares about them beyond needing women's votes. It's an act and a thoroughly see-through, amateur one at that.

I'd sort of hoped we were past the residual PUMA bullshit, but apparently not. Besides getting into the bizarre culture of workplace sports and gender dynamics which are far bigger than President Obama, it behooves us to point out that Bonnie Erbe is a giant, disingenuous asshole. How patronizingly sexist is it to say that Michelle Obama, who I'm pretty sure has kicked Barack's figurative ass more than once over the course of their relationship, was cowed into being a mewling housewife by this terrible sexist beast? How little must she think of the numerous women Obama has appointed in his administration who apparently sold out their feminist and progressive ideals to go work for the black Jesse Helms?

The problem isn't just the asinine criticism of Obama. It's the implicit criticism of the dozens of women he trusts that they've sold out for their thirty pieces of phallic-shaped silver. Obama listened to (and acted on) the criticism. He got flack over the summer, repeatedly, for appointing Sotomayor "just because she was a woman". Commentators worried ad nauseum if he'd be able to deal with Hillary Clinton, who eats mens' souls as appetizers, in her role as Secretary of State. He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law. There's substance to his support of women, but it is apparently all for naught (as are all the women who've been working in and with the Obama administration) because it's obvious that this fucker hates women as much as he also hates Christians, white people and the hardworking employees of Fox News.

For an added bonus, read the comments, which oh-so-unpredictably morph into comments about how black Muslims hate women.