Gunmen ambushed a convoy carrying Honduras' top prosecutor, but neither he nor his bodyguards were harmed, police said Sunday.

Police spokesman Orlin Cerrato said Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubi was riding on a northern highway when assailants opened fire Saturday night. Cerrato said no one was hurt. One car was damaged.

He did not give a motive for the attack or say whether it was related to Honduras' four-month political crisis. But he speculated the attack could be an attempt to "provoke unease in the country."

After the June coup, it was Rubi who filed criminal charges against ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

Honduras is also home to violent, well-armed street gangs.

Meanwhile, the interim government in a statement asked members of a commission tasked with monitoring implementation of a U.S.-brokered deal to not take sides or make statements that can complicate the dispute, "much less celebrate that one of the sides has unilaterally broken the accord."

The interim leaders appeared to be responding to comments by former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, who on Saturday told CNN en Espanol that interim President Roberto Micheletti broke the agreement by unilaterally forming a unity government without Zelaya's input.

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