We knew Google was part of the liberal mafia when they allowed George W. Bush to come up first when you searched "miserable failure" (but the editors did away with this search result in 2007).

But a conservative at the Red State blog has taken it one further: he believes that Google is manipulating "auto-suggest" results to hide an email scandal that skeptics say undermines the science of climate change.

"Google wants us to believe nobody is searching for Climategate despite it being such a big story, but I have evidence that it’s merely a coverup for political purposes," Red Stater Neil Stevens wrote Thursday. "My evidence is in the behavior of the feature itself. Watch what happens if you type in Climatega, nearly typing in the entire word Climategate."

This image follows.

"Well that’s odd," he continues. "Nobody’s searching for climategate at all. But wait: It’s not showing me words that start with Climatega. Rather, it’s showing me words that start with Climategua. Seems like a bug, right? Like those letters got pointed to the wrong place, almost."

"Let’s back it up a letter," he adds, "and type in Climateg."

Stevens reports that he tried one more time -- simply typing in climate.

"Well what do we have here?" he remarks. "Climate gate scandal. Oops. They erased climategate but didn’t erase climate gate. Somebody did an incomplete job of sending the story down the memory hole. Too bad, so sad. You are exposed, Google. People are trying to get to the truth, but Google is actively trying to hide that fact."

He concludes, "Talk about an inconvenient truth."