Even by the standards of Fox News, which routinely takes a drubbing from liberal critics over sensationalist rhetoric, a comment by Fox News anchor Alisyn Camerota Monday seemed to toe the most outrageous line.

Camerota asked a guest -- perhaps playing devil's advocate -- if there was benefit to a Democratic senator's healthcare amendment which blocked federal funding for abortions.

"If there is no federal money used to subsidize abortions for low-income women, doesn't that mean there will be more low-income babies, and do any of these amendments talk about the health care for them?" Camerota asked.

Her guest, conservative panelist Kate Obenshain appeared stunned, almost too afraid to speak.

"Do you mean more children will be born because the government won't pay to have them terminated?" she asked.

The amendment has been introduced by conservative Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE). A similar amendment has passed in the House.

A guest on Talking Points Memo, however, offered some defense for the Fox anchor.

"I may be naive here, but I can see why her question could have been posed in order to dredge up the subtextual nature of the forced-childbirth mentality's two contradictory impulses: To control women on the one hand and to maintain the facade that "it's all about the babies" on the other," the commenter wrote. "If so, I think she did a splendid job of exposing the befuddled guests' hypocrisy, which is what made her uncomfortable."

This video is from Fox News' America's Newsroom, broadcast Dec. 7, 2009.

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