A Saturday Night Live skit satirizing the recently-passed film star Brittany Murphy was taken down by NBC after complaints that the skit was in poor taste.

Raw Story captured video of the skit -- which was pulled from YouTube and Hulu, and appeared on the show's Dec. 5 broadcast. It appears below, but has been shortened to comply with fair-use laws.

The New York Times described the skit on Monday:

In a segment that appeared on the Dec. 5 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Seth Meyers, the show’s Weekend Update anchor and head writer, noted reports that Ms. Murphy had recently been fired from a film project called “The Collar.” He was soon joined at the Weekend Update desk by his castmate Abby Elliott, who was impersonating Ms. Murphy. The fictional Ms. Murphy seemed to be disoriented and still under the impression she was on an episode that the real-life actress had hosted in 2002. (“You are not the host,” Mr. Meyers told Ms. Elliott throughout the skit.)

"File this under ‘a little too close to home,'" wrote TrueSlant blogger, editor and former Raw Story reporter Michael Roston. "Saturday Night Live featured a segment with Abby Elliott playing a somewhat incoherent, and very full of herself Brittany Murphy during a December 5th segment of Weekend Update with Seth Meyers."

"In the aftermath of Murphy’s death via apparent cardiac arrest, this is looking sort of extra-unkind," Roston added. "As a condolence gift to Murphy’s family, perhaps SNL and Hulu ought to pull this clip down."

Murphy, 32, passed away over the weekend from cardiac arrest. TMZ reported Monday that Murphy was said to have been ill before her death and was taking several prescription medications.

The following video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast Dec. 5, 2009. The video was posted to YouTube Dec. 20, 2009.

Download video via RawReplay.com