Fox News host Bill O'Reilly loves to mock liberals who say dumb things during his 'pinhead alert' segments. But Tuesday night, as he was trying to hype his latest example, he managed to do two dumb things himself in just a matter of seconds.

First he made the — not uncommon to Fox News — mistake of confusing President Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden, then, forgetting he was live, he thought he could correct the mistake in a later taping.

As Mediaite notes,

Normally, O’Reilly pre-tapes his show a couple hours before 8pmET, but last night he was, to paraphrase one of his most infamous moments, ‘doing it live.’


While teasing Rep. Maurice Hinchey’s recent remarks about Pres. Bush letting Osama bin Laden escape, on purpose, O’Reilly said:

Pinheads and patriots, on deck, tonight starring a Congressman who says, you’re never going to believe it, Pres. Bush allowed Obam…uh…Osama…I’m going to have to cut that again.

At least he didn't make a third dumb mistake, which might have ended up looking something like this.

And it's not like he's a former vice president making the same dumb mistake.

This video is from Fox New' O'Reilly Factor, broadcast Dec. 1, 2009.

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O'Reilly has a history of wanting to correct mistakes made on camera. In 2008, a clip appeared of O'Reilly losing his temper at a taping of Inside Edition.

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