Hey all,

Many of you may have noticed that persistent "x-trash" bug that's been occurring over the last two months, in which you'd get a download prompt occasionally when visiting Raw Story, or sometimes when the page loaded in the background.

We think we've fixed it. Basically, what the page was prompting you to download was an incomplete version of our index page which was created incorrectly during the publishing process. Unfortunately, it looked like some kind of malware (since it was a download prompt, like a file, and not just a blank page).

Please let me know if you encounter this problem -- or any other recurring problem -- by emailing me at publisher@rawstory.com.

Also, do spread the word if you know of anyone who took a holiday from Raw Story because of this very irritating bug. I totally understand how pestilent this error came to be -- and it took us awhile to figure out what exactly was causing it.

We continue to work on tech bugs in the background. Definitely email me a list of things that are causing you trouble, since we'll be getting to work on them comprehensively after the holidays.

Thanks for understanding.

Peace, and happy holidays,



Raw Story